July Expressions

            We are 7 months into the year 2021 and so many great things have been happening. Adversely, so many heavy hearted things have been happening as well. I’ve self-published my very first book, dedicated and made for children. Of course, my entry into motherhood inspired this creation, but its roots were grounded a long time ago. I can get into that story another time. Right now, I am celebrating the wins, counting the losses as lessons, and preparing for bigger and better. In addition to the publication, I’ve released the need to praise loved ones in any way that my authentic self disapproves of. Let me explain this one, because the timing feels right to do so. The inner child allows us to view people in the most innocent way imaginable. Quite frankly, it is the most magical way to see the world, in my opinion. So you can imagine how seeing people we love can be perfect, unfiltered and so fully embraced and loved. My authentic self on the other hand, is dedicated to protecting my innerG at all costs. If you aren’t sure what your “innerG” is, you can check out my affirmation guide on my shop tab. It is free. Oh yes, this is also another accomplishment of mine this year. Although simple, many never really take the step into getting things done, much less achieve the “done” part. So I want to celebrate me. Especially right now. The way life is rolling, my faith should have already broken. The energies of desperation, fear and uncertainty should have already succeeded. The reality of right now could very well ruin the memory of my future if I allow it. Look, this is where the power and potential shift lies though. The rock bottom. The state of constant meditative thoughts, prayers, intentions, movements. Everything is absolutely intentional and I am always present. I have so much to be grateful for. That is the choice I’ve made. To be the light on the bright side that the dark side needs as guidance. I have sacrificed enough, invested enough, and understand enough to be in this position. Nothing is by accident nor is it a coincidence. Honestly, because I value my privacy so much, there are only so many details I will ever reveal to the people. But when the time and energies are aligned, I will know when I am required too.

            Right now though, month 7 into 2021,(5), know that it is possible should you maintain alignment and replenish your faith. I have seen too many things manifest for me, in front of my eyes, literally, to believe otherwise. It truly is only a matter of time. If you believe your intention for the second half of this year is worth having, will you do what is necessary in this realm to get it? Will you show up for yourself? Here’s an affirmation to encourage you; “Everything I am now was created by everything I was yesterday. Everything I will be tomorrow is created by what I think and do today. I am grateful to be in this absolutely life changing position of power.”

I pray the next chapter of this year for us is beauty and full.

            Love and Peace