2020 The year of transmutation

I know you know that this year came in heavily with so many exponential changes and constant whirlwinds flung on us all. Especially with the pandemic and quarantine ruling as the highlights of the year in pretty much every country. Not only has our way of life permanently changed for everyone that is currently living on earth. It is forever changed as we know it for those that have just been born and those that are yet to come to life. In all of its madness, conspiracies, sorrow and fear debilitating realities for many, I have realized that for me it was the year of transmutation. To be transmuted is to be transformed or evolved, changed in nature from one state into another. Throughout the year I was able to maintain a solid inner-God essence that kept me connected to a higher power, happy and grateful for all that was happening, both good and bad. I understood that every change of event served a purpose in my life and I always chose to seek the part that served the greater good for me. What was even more powerful and necessary was letting go of the things and people that no longer served me or aligned with my energy. No matter what was going on in the world, my world and family world depended on me to nurture it to life. Oh my goodness was this a gigantic realization for me! The power I truly hold and choose to hold is the same one that so many people speak of as though it is this unattainable unknown object in another galaxy in outer space. This moment was absolutely refreshing and reassuring. The world around us can swing, rock, tilt, drown or float, all out of our control and at any moment in our lives; but the world within us doesn’t have to if you choose for it not to. You too, truly hold that power, but without the key, that lock will remain sealed. Never to be tapped into, never to be known is real. How do you choose to live? Is the person you are today happy with the choices you made this year? You too can be transmuted intentionally. The choice to do so is yours. Love and peace Empress O.C.